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Why am I podcasting?

I’ve had a few people ask me why I started a podcast. My love for podcasting goes back to somewhere around 2006 during the L Word craze on Showtime. Every lesbian was either watching the show or talking about the show which started in 2004. One day I was in iTunes and I stumbled into a podcasting area and not knowing what it was came across “The Planet: The Podcast For L Word Fans!”

This podcast was absolutely hilarious and I anxiously awaited every new release of their show. You can still find it in the iTunes podcast directory. In the years since, I’ve moved on to listening to other podcasts. I spend a lot of time in the car during any given week so I like to listen to shows versus music.

The “Ah hah” moment

As I was listening to Entrepreneur on Fire (great show – check it out) one day it dawned on me… if I am trying to educate a broad base of people around LGBT business and marketing topics, why not podcast? The Entrepreneur on Fire show interviews an entrepreneur each day and one day I was listening to his interview with Cliff Ravenscraft of the Podcast Answer Man. It was at that moment that I realized that podcasting was the way to go for me. I had just started this website to begin to accomplish the goal of broader education but it seemed like a natural progression to start a podcast as well.

Days later I had two phone calls that sealed the deal for me. I was on the phone with Jim Pellegrino, a local CT television host, and he and I were scheduling me to be on his show. Then I was speaking to an LGBT business owner named Stan Kimer and hearing his story was inspiring. Between those two conversations I was thinking – how great would it be for someone to be a fly on the wall with what we are talking about, there is so much to learn here. With that as my motivator I set out to begin podcasting.

So I immediately signed up for the Podcasting A-to-Z course that Cliff puts on a few times a year and within a couple of months I was up and running with my podcast. All these years later it is still going strong!

But how can I listen to your podcast?

1) You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here. Each time there is a new episode iTunes will automatically let you know.

2) You can Subscribe to my RSS Feed and be notified when a new episode is available! Then you can choose to listen to it in iTunes or right from your computer.

3) You can listen to the podcast right from your computer on this website! Simply click here to see the available episodes and hit the play button (see image below) or download it right to your desk top.

If you have any questions on how to do this please let me know. I’m happy to help you figure it out!

What is a podcast?

If you are uncertain what a podcast is the best way to put it is an on demand radio/audio show you can listen to whenever you want, wherever you want, about anything you want. There are podcasts for almost everything you can imagine. Take a look at this page from Apple for more detailed information on how to get started listening to podcasts.

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