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Turn your story into a powerful & profitable personal brand
The business of writing a book


Whether you’re part of the LGBT community, raising a child with a disability or finding joy after battling a life threatening illness, I believe you have a story to tell.

A purpose driven story that has the potential to impact our world – one reader at a time.

I invite you to join me this fall for the next session of the Purpose Driven Authors Academy.

Over the course of 14 weeks, I will guide you through the process of writing, marketing and publishing your book. 

You’ll get the tools, the confidence and the community you’ll need to start writing and get published!


We’ll cover:

  • Your Vision
    • Secure your topic
    • Select the best tools for productivity
    • Repurpose your existing content
    • Craft an outline and draft a chapter plan
    • Work with an editor
    • Discover the resources available for aspiring authors


  • Publishing & Logistics
    • Map out milestones and set a publication date
    • Define your target readership
    • Pick a publishing path (traditional vs. self)
    • Understand production options (paperback and eBook)
    • Design a cover that works


  • Marketing
    • Position yourself as an expert
    • Leverage your author status to increase business
    • Develop and engage your tribe
    • Launch your book
    • And much more!

Download the 14-week agenda here.


This program runs from January 31 through May 2, 2017

This program is built on the tried and true methods I’ve used when writing my own books, and when guiding numerous individual clients through the process.

To date, I’ve brought eight (9) books to market with 13 more in the works!

Starting on January 31 and concluding on May 2, 2017, we’ll meet every Tuesday at 2pm EST/1pm CST/11am PST via Zoom webinar. Our live sessions will run 60 minutes- but we will never end our live sessions until all of your questions are answered! While attendance for the live sessions is highly encouraged, recordings will be available if you are unable to attend. You can also submit your questions in advance via the Facebook Group if you know you won’t be able to attend.

Each week, our live sessions will include one (or more) of the following:

  • Detailed topic-driven discussions
  • Open Q&A
  • Laser coaching to get you over the hurdles


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Your instructor, Jenn T. Grace


In addition to the topics outlined above, I’ve built in proven elements to ensure your success:

Access –

You will be given instant access to an inspirational group of like-minded writers who are also working to publish their first book. This is the perfect platform for ongoing learning, support and a kick in the pants (when needed) between sessions.

You will become a member of our private Facebook Group, hosted exclusively for the participants in your session. Once you have completed your session you will be invited to join the Alumni Facebook Group. This will ensure you have access to your peers and to me whenever you need us!

You will also receive access to my preferred vendor list consisting of branding experts, writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, web developers, etc. These are professionals I have personally worked with and consider to be trusted colleagues.

Accountability –

You are among peers who are trying to do the same thing as you – write a book. This group setting will create the accountability you need to complete your book.

Shorten Your Learning Curve –

I personally have written three (3) books and have two (2) others in the works. I’ve helped five (5) other books make it to bookshelves; I’m working with five (5) private clients to help them bring their books to market; and I’m working with fourteen (14) soon-to-be authors who recently graduated from this program.

Ready to join me?

Have questions? Click here to schedule a consultation call to see if you are a right fit for the program.

P.S. This program is not for everyone.



2016 Program Success Story!

Lindsay Felderman


Lindsay Felderman, Author of Walking Through Walls: Finding the Courage to be your True Self

Jenn, I wanted to take a second to thank you, thank you so much. I received my copy of my proof and holding it in my hands was the most amazing feeling. Without you and this group of women, I don’t know if I ever would have transferred it from a word document to an actual book. You have been an incredible guide but most importantly an unbelievable support. I’m so grateful that your email came across my inbox that fateful day in December. Words cannot express what you and this program has done for me. Thank you ❤️💛💚💙💜 Check out Lindsay’s book on Amazon.



This program is not for you if…


  • You’re looking for a magic pill. This program is for the savvy, gets-stuff-done person who knows great results come from dedication and a lot of elbow grease.


  • You’re resistant to change. If you’re reading this, chances are something has been holding you back from putting your story out into the world. If you join this group, you’ll need to be ready to step outside of your comfort zone!


  • You’re complacent. This program is people with a drive to achieve more. If you’re happy with the status quo when it comes to your career or your business, this program isn’t for you.

Before you can bask in the glory of being a published author you are going to have to be willing to put in the effort.


I’m known for getting results. But you’ve got to really want it.


Are you ready?


2016 Program Success Story!
Lisa Corrado

Lisa Corrado

Lisa Corrado, Creator of

The Purpose Driven Authors Academy was exactly what I needed to understand what’s involved in creating and publishing a book. As a first-time author, I’m a little overwhelmed by all the moving parts: writing, book design and creation, marketing and so on. Jenn shares everything she knows (which is considerable) so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I just have to follow her materials. I loved the smaller group size too. We really connected and supported on another. Especially if you’re a first-time author, I highly, highly recommend this program. Look for Lisa’s book in 2017!



My Money-Back Promise To You

Try this program with complete confidence. If you don’t think it’s worth your investment in the first 30 days (and you’ve shown up and done the work) I’ll give you a full refund! To receive a refund, you’ll need to provide proof of completed assignments and worksheets from the first 30 days of the program.

When I started my business, my mission was to help clients leverage their stories in their marketing.

And that’s why I created this program – to help more of you share your stories!

Your success is my success.

There are two options to register:

 Pay in full for $1,497 (save $300) or make 3 payments of $599 (to select this option please click here.)

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VIP Upgrade

Would you like advice tailored directly to your book, your brand and your business?

I am offering five (5) members of this program the opportunity to work with me privately.

You’ll receive three (3) 30-minute calls to use when you wish: before the program to get prepared; during the program when you need a little extra support; or after the program concludes when you need a lifeline. Session(s) have no expiration date!

Yes, sign me up for the VIP upgrade! I will get three (3) private, 30 minute sessions for $497.

Private one-on-one coaching calls with Jenn are normally $400 per hour, require two (2) calls per month and a six-month commitment. That’s a $4,800 investment!

After your purchase, you will be contacted to schedule your session(s). This VIP Upgrade is being offered exclusively to current members of The Purpose Driven Authors Academy. Only five (5) VIP upgrade packages are available – lock yours in today to secure this special offer!


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tony2014-242x300As a newly published author I’m so grateful for Jenn’s guidance in the book creation process. We’ve been working together for a couple of years in many areas of my business. She’s been invaluable in getting the book out of my head and into a cohesive concept – then she ushered the project through completion. I can now call myself a published author, in large part to Jenn’s guidance.

Tony Ferraiolo
, Author of Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth 


Every business is unique in the way that they need to be guided. The kind of help that a venture needs, whether specific or perceived, is often vastly different from one entity to another, whether the entity is a singular entrepreneur, a small company trying to make it in the big pond, or a corporation. The differences as well as the challenges that the differences create, are all things an ally, compatriot, or guide needs to know how to embrace and with which such a person has to learn to work.

Last year, knowing I had no experience marketing a book, much less selling not a thing but a concept, I reached out to Jenn T. Grace. For the last nine months, Jenn has provided me sage advice, direction better than a compass, and a rudder in a very large sea. Jenn has even offered the ears and heart of a counselor, and, when I needed it, a friend to share my trials and tribulations. Jenn is professional and dedicated to the needs of her clients. She is creative in the way that she networks her clients so that each benefits the other. She is masterful in orchestrating disparate concepts into a concise whole. I am grateful to Jenn for all that she has done for me and my concept.”

Ann Townsend, Author of LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity

MikeBrooks HeadshotJenn’s advice and guidance was instrumental in the publication of my book. Without her, I don’t think it would have ever been finished actually. At least it would have taken a lot longer, not been done as well and would have been a pain to publish.

Jenn helped me quickly organize my thoughts which got me writing. She saved me a ton of money by providing resources for getting the creatives done, formatting and uploading to Amazon.

There are a ton of road blocks to getting a book created. From writing it, to cover design, to formatting for print, formatting for e-readers, uploading it to the distribution channels like CreateSpace for Amazon and more. Jenn’s advice shortcuts the process and makes things super easy. I couldn’t have done this without her.

Mike Brooks, Author of The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method: The Simple Business Guide To More Leads, Customers And Profits Online (and Offline)


maria-keiserI knew I wanted to write a book, but the idea of how to get it published was a daunting one.  I had what I needed to put the book together, but didn’t know how to get it out there.  Jenn was invaluable in helping with this.  She had already been through the process and provided me step by step instructions on how to do it myself, including how to format the book to publish on Kindle.  She took the fear out of the process and gave me tips on what to do and not to do.  Jenn, was able to remove the frustration of learning on my own, and saved me lots of time. Time and energy that I was able to use to market my book.  In 2014, our book Your Practice by Design made it to #1 on the best seller list for 2 days.  I also give credit to Jenn on this one.  She helped me understand how Amazon works, and how to go about positioning my book for success.

Maria Keiser, Author of Your Practice by Design: A Step by Step Guide to being a High Performance Insurance Broker

Are you ready?