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Order Your Copy of the Award-Winning Memoir, House on Fire

House on Fire: Finding Resilience, Hope, and Purpose in the Ashes

Fire. While it appears destructive, it’s also a force of renewal. Just as fire clears the way for new growth, so too can people transform their lives when they confront their worst fears and step into the sunlight of their purpose and truth.


House on Fire, a raw and riveting memoir by author and publisher Jenn T. Grace, explores her journey growing up as an adopted child in a chaotic household. Surviving a turbulent childhood marked by family conflict, mental illness, and alcoholism, Grace promises herself that life will get better. But as an adult, her inner turmoil is hidden from the outside world, even as she achieves personal and professional success.


When she steps in to adopt her emotionally troubled niece, she soon discovers that love and patience are not enough to meet the child’s needs. Desperate to find help, Grace and her wife struggle for years to navigate a broken mental health system that too often fails families and their children, leaving them with a heart-wrenching decision to save their sanity.


How do we let certain things go once we realize we have choices?  How do we come to a place of healing and forgiveness? Too often the outside world judges and criticizes without understanding the private challenges that many families face. Grace’s courage and honesty in telling her story is an inspiring message of hope and resilience for anyone suffering from trauma, adversity, and obstacles that seem insurmountable.

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