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What’s new in June for Pride Month?

30daysSo this Marketing Friday is going to be a little different than usual. I am hard at work preparing to launch the 30 days – 30 voices – Stories from America’s LGBT Business Leaders project. This means every single day in June there will be a new blog post and a new podcast for you to listen to.

In celebration of June’s pride month, you fill find 30 podcast interviews with 30 leaders from across America who share business insights and tips for marketing to the LGBT community. Each day in June you’ll find a new podcast at http://jenntgrace.com/30days30voices – bookmark the page today! Or subscribe via the RSS feed. Don’t know what an RSS feed is? You can read more here.

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this great information with you and truly hope you enjoy it. Please note that these links will likely not work until the day the episode becomes live, so be patient and check back often!



About Jenn T. Grace

Jenn T. Grace (she/her/hers) is an award-winning author and founder and CEO of Publish Your Purpose (PYP), the acclaimed hybrid publisher of non-fiction books. Jenn has published 100+ books written by thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who are striving to make a difference. Jenn T. Grace’s work elevates and amplifies the voices of others—especially marginalized groups who are regularly excluded from traditional publishing.

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