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House on Fire: Book Extras!

I’ve created a private page on my website for you.

You’ll find reading materials, mental health resources, and even my TEDx-style talk I did about my experiences 18 months before I thought I would publish this book.

I also urge you to share your story with me. Email me at grace [at] and maybe we’ll include your story on the website. By sharing your story with the world, you can feel a sense of relief while helping others.

TEDx-style Talk, New York City, May 2019

Downloadable Book Club Questions

To make it easier for your book club, click here to download the pre-prepared book club questions.


Mental Health Resources

Reactive Attachment Disorder


Therapy Notes for Families (book)


This book is solving the needs of families who are raising children with complex mental health needs, who themselves don’t have the mental bandwidth to keep track of it all without a little bit of organizational assistance.

If you are raising a child with any level of mental health-related needs you likely understand, all too well, how much effort goes into keeping track of the many ongoing therapy appointments. Click here for more info.

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