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Below is the list of resources from Beyond the Rainbow: Personal stories and practical advice to help your organization reach the LGBTQ market.



Chapter One

State-by-state LGBTQ discrimination laws –

LGBTQ Population Size Data –

Chapter Two

Community Marketing Inc. –

Harris Interactive –

The Williams Institute at UCLA –

National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce –

Chapter Three

Jenn T. Grace blog posts –

Jenn T. Grace podcast episodes –

Chapter Four

Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) –

Workplace focused LGBTQ Organizations to consider being involved in:

     Human Rights Campaign –

     Out & Equal Workplace Advocates –

Additional LGBTQ Organizations you should know –

Chapter Seven

Singular use they –

The Genderbread Person –

Chapter Eight

Attention, Advertisers: Lesbians Buy Stuff, Too –

Chapter Nine

LGBTQ Research –

LGBTQ-American Buying Power –

Hispanic-American Buying Power –

African-American Buying Power –

Asian-American Buying Power –

Population size by race and ethnicity –

LGBTQ Population Size –

* All links were accurate at the time of publication, June 2017.

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