Beyond The Rainbow: Personal Stories and Practical Advice to Help your Business & Workplace Connect with the LGBTQ Market (June 2017)

For more than a decade Jenn T. Grace, the Professional Lesbian, has helped organizations connect with the lucrative LGBTQ market. In this, her fourth LGBTQ book, she takes us behind the scenes of her professional and personal life as she shares stories that illustrate the do’s and don’ts of doing business with the LGBTQ community. Woven into her stories, which are sprinkled with Jenn’s signature style of unapologetic honesty and lighthearted humor, are proven strategies to help readers navigate this highly nuanced demographic – sensitively and profitably.

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“Beyond The Rainbow is magnificently heartfelt, truthful and emotionally honest. Jenn T. Grace brilliantly guides the reader through the important steps on why it is so important to be an Ally to the LGBTQ community and how to properly communicate with your LGBTQ colleagues and customers. She does justice to a critically important yet delicate topic and provides eye opening insight into her own experience. I have a new level of empathy for what it means to be an Ally and a deeper desire to be part of the solution for change. Beyond practical marketing advice, Beyond the Rainbow is a must-read for anyone with a heart and a desire to be a better more open minded human being.” – Stacy Garcia, CEO of Stacy Garcia Inc.

But You Don’t Look Gay! 6 Steps to Creating a Successful LGBT Marketing Strategy (April 2013)

The intention of this book is to provide a holistic approach to doing business with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)book-1-printcommunity. Whether you are an LGBT business owner or an ally to the LGBT community, there is something in this book for you. To be the most effective in your outreach efforts to the LGBT community you must be authentic and transparent in your approach. You must also have a plan for success. A solid targeted campaign requires a solid marketing plan to back it up. This book will not only teach you successful communications strategies for getting and keeping LGBT customers, but it will also show you the first steps you can take in creating a marketing plan designed for success. The stories, advice and guidance in this book stem from my own personal experience in working with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. You may find different pathways to a success for you and that’s amazing.

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No, Wait… You Do Look Gay! The 7 Mistakes Preventing you from Selling to the $830 Billion LGBT Market (August 2014)

Want to make a fool of yourself in your business? If yes, raise your hand! Hmm. Of course there are no hands raised because no one Purchase in paperback and ebookwants to intentionally look foolish. So why take a chance and look clueless in your lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) marketing efforts?

There are 7 detrimental mistakes that are preventing you from selling to the $830 billion LGBT community, all of which are avoidable if you know what to watch for. Very few people get up in the morning wondering who they can offend throughout their day. Yet many people are doing so with prospective LGBT customers, and they simply don’t realize it. This book teaches you how not to be that person.

Arm yourself with the best sales and marketing information focused specifically on the LGBT community, so you can turn your worry into a flurry of business activity and increased sales. This book will show you exactly which offensive phrases, expressions and questions to avoid in order to maximize your sales outreach.

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Marriage Equality Marketing: 5 Questions you must ask to sell to the $917 Billion LGBTQ Market (June 2016)

Marriage Equality is the law of the land. Finally. After many years and many LGBTQ rights organizations pounding the pavement, we can take comfort in knowing that equal rights in regards to same-sex marriage are here. It’s such a wonderful feeling. At the same time there are many companies who are now beginning to really look at the LGBTQ market as a viable market that is not going anywhere. With a buying power of $917 Billion dollars the LGBTQ community is a target market you should be taking notice of.

In This Ebook, You’ll Learn:

  • The Business Case for Marriage Equality
  • The 5 Questions you must have answers to in order to market to the LGBTQ Community
  • 3 tips that will make all of your LGBTQ marketing efforts stronger
  • Why today is the day to start your LGBTQ marketing outreach!


Available in paperback, ebook and audio