Who I Work With

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tony2014-242x300Jenn and I have been working together for a couple of years now. She has the ability to keep me on track with new ways of marketing, keep me accountable, and I always have a second pair of eyes to review critical materials, whether it’s a legal contract or my latest business card design. It’s good to know that I have Jenn in my corner to provide guidance and direction as my business continues to grow.

Tony Ferraiolo, Transgender Youth Advocate, Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker



Every business is unique in the way that they need to be guided. The kind of help that a venture needs, whether specific or perceived, is often vastly different from one entity to another, whether the entity is a singular entrepreneur, a small company trying to make it in the big pond, or a corporation. The differences as well as the challenges that the differences create, are all things an ally, compatriot, or guide needs to know how to embrace and with which such a person has to learn to work.

Last year, knowing I had no experience marketing a book, much less selling not a thing but a concept, I reached out to Jenn T. Grace. For the last nine months, Jenn has provided me sage advice, direction better than a compass, and a rudder in a very large sea. Jenn has even offered the ears and heart of a counselor, and, when I needed it, a friend to share my trials and tribulations. Jenn is professional and dedicated to the needs of her clients. She is creative in the way that she networks her clients so that each benefits the other. She is masterful in orchestrating disparate concepts into a concise whole. I am grateful to Jenn for all that she has done for me and my concept.”

Ann Townsend, Author of LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity

laura-berryAlthough I met Jenn before I was committed to being an entrepreneur, she was always willing to share her lessons, expand on best practices, and moreover, she always made time to ask thoughtful questions about my communications process. When I started my own communications consultancy, I leapt at the opportunity to openly ask her advice. Rather than treat me as a lowly startup, she approached me with her characteristic respect and optimism. Through our year-long work on communications projects for the same client, Jenn and I developed a rhythm of connection and collaboration. Yet on a private one-on-one nature, she has helped me build my confidence as an entrepreneur, brainstormed complex problems with me, connected me with talented subcontractors, answered business and administrative questions, and always encouraged me to keep growing. I count Jenn’s mentorship among the top five reasons I am a happy, healthy entrepreneur building my own successful venture.”

Laura Berry, Founder, Coberry Creative LLC

mike-brooksJenn is an amazing resource to the straight as well as LGBT community. Honestly, anyone who wants to know how to deal with any type of sensitive situation should be listening to Jenn. That means, if you run a business, you need her. She is an expert at showing people how to deal with others in an inclusive way.

I never realized how much our language can be misinterpreted. Jenn helped me work through some issues that could have been really bad for my company. Not sure what I would have done with out her.

Mike Brooks, Founder/CEO of Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC