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Marketing to the LGBT community is not for everyone

marketing-not-for-everyoneSo today I would like to elaborate on something. Last Friday I wrote a post called “Dealing with opposition when preparing an LGBT outreach.” This post was in response to a reader question I received. In my response to him I stated “For anyone who is considering or has considered reaching out to the LGBT community you must first weigh the pros and cons that are unique to your own individual business. I am a proponent of companies reaching out to the LGBT community in an authentic and transparent way. If you cannot do it in that way, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all. It may seem a bit harsh but it’s the truth.” I want to elaborate on this statement a bit.


You may or may not know that my online course is launching on September 30th. It’s called “How to Authentically Market to the Gay Community.” It is the online course designed to teach you everything there is to know about the LGBT community and how you can successfully market to it. I bring this up because as I have created the training modules for this course a reoccurring theme keeps coming up. Marketing to the LGBT community is not for everyone. The more I develop this content and talk to people the more clear it becomes that you can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. I can’t emphasize this enough.


For folks interested in my full online training course you must first make a commitment to yourself as to whether or not marketing to the community makes sense for you. You may think it sounds like a good idea in theory and then realize, oh wait, this isn’t for me. I am here to say that is okay if that’s what you decide. I talk with business owners each and every day and 9 out of 10 times when they are coming to me with questions and looking for coaching, I know marketing to the community is right for them. But every now and then that 1 out of 10 person comes strolling along and we mutually decide that this isn’t the right fit and honestly – there’s nothing wrong with that.


I am here to teach you the authentic way to reach the community. I am not here to force you to think differently or have different beliefs based on the buying power of the LGBT community. The world needs more advocates, allies and champions for the LGBT community – not money hungry folks who are trying to make a quick buck from it. This may be a bit harsher than I usually write but I want to drive the point home that I am 100% here for you if you want to make this leap. And if I have to hard sell you on why you should do it and you are still hesitant then chances are it’s not right for you – and that’s totally okay. Let’s not waste my time or your time, okay?


For those still reading, here are a couple of blog posts that talk about something of the things I’ve mentioned above that can help you decide if marketing to the LGBT community is right for you.


If you want more information on the online training course coming on September 30th or would like access to a free 3 part video training series I’ve developed to give you a sneak pick – click here and sign up for the videos.

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