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I work with a wide variety of LGBT business owners and entrepreneurs. From the solopreneur working with a multi-level marketing company – to the seasoned entrepreneur who has created a multi-million dollar consulting company – I work with them all.

Problem: Authors and speakers are artists, not business owners.

While I can work with any kind of company my true passion lies with helping LGBT authors and speakers personally brand themselves and grow their businesses. Being an author and/or speaker requires the same level of effort to grow the business as any other kind. However, all too often, authors and speakers don’t look at this from a business perspective so the core fundamentals are overlooked. A solid foundation is the key to sustainable success.

Problem: Speakers, LGBT or otherwise, are generally bad negotiators when it comes to commanding the right price for their speaking engagements.

This is where I come in. It is naturally difficult for most speakers to negotiate their speaker fees in a way where they feel they are being compensated for their worth. But at the same time large speakers bureaus tend to over inflate pricing and won’t budge when a lower offer comes in. I can and will help you negotiate your speaker fees in a way that is comfortable for you and everyone is happy – you, me and the client!

Problem: To command top dollar you must have written a book.

While this isn’t always the case, speakers who have written books tend to book more engagements and have the ability to charge a higher price for doing so. However, authoring a book can be a scary task! Having written two books myself, I know exactly what needs to be done to get your book printed. From the early concept of your story – to the process of having a cover designed – to the printing and shipping to the end customer – I’ve got you covered!

Problem: You’ve written a book but no one knows it yet.

Getting press for your book can be tough. While I am not a public relations expert I do have a large network of amazing professionals who can assist you with getting press for your book. From traditional public relations efforts – to Facebook advertising – to setting up book signings – I’ve got you covered!

Help is here!

Whether you feel the pain from one or all of these problems  – I have the solution. I offer help in several ways –

  • I offer private one-on-one monthly coaching and consulting with LGBT speakers and authors who are looking to grow their business and advance to the next level.
  • I offer bundled hourly pricing where you can purchase 3 hours or 15 hours up front and I can help you with a specific project.
  • I offer a group coaching program for those of you looking to take your first step in organizing your business but aren’t yet ready for private one-on-one coaching.
  • I will soon be offering a 1 day business bootcamp for authors and speakers, email me for details.
  • I offer speaker price negotiation assistance. If you are looking to tell your audience you have a manager or agent and want to funnel your contract negotiation through me, I do that on a case-by-case basis.


ann-towsendEvery business is unique in the way that they need to be guided. The kind of help that a venture needs, whether specific or perceived, is often vastly different from one entity to another, whether the entity is a singular entrepreneur, a small company trying to make it in the big pond, or a corporation. The differences as well as the challenges that the differences create, are all things an ally, compatriot, or guide needs to know how to embrace and with which such a person has to learn to work.

Last year, knowing I had no experience marketing a book, much less selling not a thing but a concept, I reached out to Jenn T. Grace. For the last nine months, Jenn has provided me sage advice, direction better than a compass, and a rudder in a very large sea. Jenn has even offered the ears and heart of a counselor, and, when I needed it, a friend to share my trials and tribulations. Jenn is professional and dedicated to the needs of her clients. She is creative in the way that she networks her clients so that each benefits the other. She is masterful in orchestrating disparate concepts into a concise whole. I am grateful to Jenn for all that she has done for me and my concept.”

Ann Townsend, Author of LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity

Let’s connect today

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you please either schedule a time on my calendar by going to www.meetwithjenn.com or email my team and I directly with your questions. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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