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Your story can change the world…one reader at a time! Over 14 weeks, the Purpose Driven Authors Academy will help you turn your personal story into a powerful and profitable brand.


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Learn the best strategies for connecting your business with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) market. Why unintentionally misstep when you can fast track your learning curve!

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A nationally recognized speaker, Jenn’s signature blend of honesty, humor and expert advice will provide your audience with tangible strategies designed to help you connect with the LGBT market.


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Learn the 5 quickest ways you are turning off potential LGBT customers and how to solve it!


  1. Do understand that you can recover after you've stuck your foot in your mouth
  2. Do not say homosexual with a prospective gay customer
  3. Do avoid looking like a fool by mistakenly asking about gaydar
  4. Do not assume that he has a wife or she has a husband
  5. Do learn why asking about their gay lifestyle is ineffective

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